In 2014 Hannah was lead artist with Lyra’s Young Company, creating a performance with 17 young dancers and musicians on stage aged 8-15 years. Collaborating with musician Caitlin Mulgrew they created a complex, rich and layered performance of where the young people were on stage the entire time, moving and playing live.

Choreography – Hannah Venet
Music – Caitlin Mulgrew
Performers – Lyra’s Young Company
Creative Technician – Nicola Milazzo
Filmmaker – Joel Venet

‘Hot Air was a tender and endearing piece of work, that stayed with me afterwards. The young people involved were fully engaged and I could feel their commitment to and ownership of the work. it was great to see a piece of work experimenting across disciplines and with such integrity with this group of young performers.The piece left me thinking, not only about the young people’s hopes and dreams, but also of my own.’ Christine Devaney, Choreographer & Artist Director of Curious Seed



‘There is often a charm to youth theatre that comes from the energy and personality of the performers, and the sense of excitement and expression that comes with that. Hot Air had that in spades – a clearly motivated group thrilled to be doing what they were doing. But what was really remarkable was the extent to which the piece demonstrated the artistic rigour and poise of a professional production, despite the cast being of all ages and often very young. Hannah is clearly an exceptionally talented artist working in this context, and I look forward to seeing more of her work in future.’ Rupert Thomson. former Artist Director Summerhall 


Images of Hot Air rehearsals at Lyra Theatre and audience feedback >