See below videos from various projects including Group HugPUSH EUTRIO, Hot Air, excerpts from Trees Talk and film Deptfordten.

PUSH mini film (2018)
Film – Geraldine Heaney

Group Hug in rehearsal (2018)
Concept & Choreography – Hannah Venet
Sound Design – Caitlin Mulgrew
Film – Joel Venet

PUSH (over)protection Lab in Belgium (2017)
Film – Geraldine Heaney

TRIO – Behind the Scenes (2015)
Choreography – Hannah Venet
Performers –  Karys McNeill, Konrad Safian & Hannah Venet
Film – Joel Venet

Hot Air Documentary (2014)
Choreography – Hannah Venet
Musical Director – Caitlin Mulgrew
Performers – Lyra Young Company
Film – Joel Venet

TRIO work in progress (2015)
Film by Geraldine Heaney

Trees Talk residency (2012)
Concept and direction: Ian Spink
Dancer: Hannah Venet
Video, projection and lighting: Alan Paterson

Rehearsal footage of Tress Talk (2012)
Concept and direction: Ian Spink
Dancers: Hannah Venet, Skye Reynolds & Stella
Soundscape: Bill Thompson & Judith Williams
Video: Alan Paterson

Deptfordten (2010)
Concept & Performance: Clare Brzezicki & Hannah Venet
Film: Misa Brzezicki
Soundscape: Bill Thompson